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     To get people to want to write requires that people have a self created want to write. Not that they are creating a reason to write specifically, but that some reason transpires intrinsically to some degree. There will be situational factors in creating this why, but there has to be factors contributing to the way are tied to a person life inside of a classroom, outside of a classroom and possibly but not necessarily in any part of a person's life. For example, Orwell states that his inherent talent for writing “created a sort of private world in which I could get my own back for my failure in everyday life” (Orwell 1946). His assertion that he possessed an inherent and fantastical ability to write is not the genuine factor in creating a reason to write, rather the fact he was looking for a way to achieve justice in his “failure in everyday life”, as a means to succeed in ways that life was not offering him.


     What I take from Orwell is that the most important and first condition that needs to be met in order for people to want to write is to provide the context and writing situation that allows for people to write for, or about, the things going on around them or to them. This means drawing on a text and connecting the text to larger topics that people can use to situate themselves in the world around them.  This allows for people to write in a way that is productive and useful to themselves with the text as an integral part of the rational.  For example, a student reads a dystopian novel and connects themes of surveillance and control to the way teenagers  have crufews, dress codes and seemingly arbitrary rules imposed upon them, inspiring them to write about one of these tpoics that personally effects them the most.

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