Productions 3


Now if everyone would look at the hologram to their left you can see the 'lecture' style auditoriums that were used extensively and for many centuries at colleges and universities throughout the world.

So everyone just sat looking at the screen and the professor at the front of the classroom?

Precisely. Although the tutorial existed to function as a method to facilitate the smaller group discussions that we do at school everyday now.

But everyone just had to look at the same screen at the front of the class?

That's crazy. That must have been so boring.

That's correct, many students did find this method to be, as you said 'boring'. Okay sit down now and we will begin our lecture activity and I would like everyone to try to listen and input notes to remember as much as possible while we experience the short example lecture from a first year Biology class. Any questions before we begin... alright lesson and try to engage in the lecture activity.

As you read in Chapter 3 the Human Genome Project...

Hey what are you inputting? I can't hear this guy very well.

Yea all I got was something about our genetics.

And this helped identify cancerous mutations and...

I've only input like three things from this lecture.

Same, I think most people did the same too.

Alright we will stop there. Now as I collect and organize your inputs we will talk about the effectiveness of pre-hollogrammed schools. After a few minutes our class was able to record approximately 2.7 distinct notes per person from the lecture. In your assessment groups take the information you have compiled and create one simple easy thing you have learned from the lecture.

Sir, our group doesn't have enough information to create anything.

Sir our group doesn't really have enough either.

Manny has a lot of stuff but I don't think ours would be very good either sir.

And why aren't you able to create any kind of good product for assessment? Thoughts?

Because we couldn't manually input much information from that old guy just talking kind of quietly at the front.


Great answer. Let's switch over to our discussion groups to make comparisons between our current universities and the universities that dominate much of our recent history...

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